Enabling functional
materials R&D

We specialize in R & D equipment for coating and testing of functional materials

FOM Mini Roll Coater

Coating & Printing


Technology for upscaling from spin coating and transition towards industrial implementation.

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Desktop and inline systems to handle the device volume created by upscaling.

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Tools to manage research process, device develop-
ment and complex or substantial research data.

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Materials & Consumables


Substrates, barrier foils, and other products needed to perform in the laboratory.

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Coating and printing workshops.

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  • LunaLec

    In the scientific community, our liquid light concept is known as the Light-Emitting
    Electrochemical Cell (LEC). From a distance and a layman's perspective, this
    technology is very similar to the Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED), as both
    technologies use a flat planar structure in which the light-emitting organic layer
    is sandwiched betweeen two conducive electrodes.

  • University of Addis Ababa
    FOM Technologies is the most committed developer of research equipment
    for the development of low-cost, flexible polymer-based photovoltaic devices
    using roll-to-roll printing technologies, and produces robust and reliable machines”.

  • Umeå University

    “Umeå University acquired the first Mini Roll Coater. LEC research performed on this very
    functional and compact coater lead to the establishment of the company Lunalec AB.
    Looking to commercialize LEC, Lunalec looks to FOM Technologies to find novel processing equipment.”

  • Linköping University

    “The novel approach at Linköping University on OPV is based on the Solar-X3 and the Mini Roll Coater.
    Two complementary machines enables low volume materials screening before attempting to engage in larger roll-to-roll processing
    - this way saving time and material.” Mattias Andersson Ph.D.

  • Thomas Rieks Andersen Ph.D.

    “Being an elite user of the 3 Mini Roll Coaters at Denmarks Technical University, I screened
    hundreds of materials film forming capabilities as well as numerous device architectures during
    my Phd and postdoc.”