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We provide high-quality state-of-the-art Slot-Die coating equipment produced in Scandinavia. This ensures that our products are cutting-edge, innovative, reliable and cost-effective.

Cutting edge



Machines and Equipment

FOM Technologies provides high-quality state-of-the-art Slot-Die coating machines produced in Scandinavia. Our cutting edge equipment enables researchers, scientists and professionals, to discover, develop and commercialise new functional materials for a cleaner and more sustainable world. We strive hard to ensure that our products always are innovative, reliable and cost-effective.



Slot-Die Heads

Our collection of Slot-Die heads provide state-of-the-art coating equipment. Our research series as well as our industrial series has been designed to fulfil the need for professional Slot-Die coating components. Produced from some of the hardest steel in the world, the material undergo meticulously processes to provide stable and ultra precise accuracy. After many years of innovation we provide a coating equipment with very low dead-volume, elegant change of coating width via shims within defined ranges. The steel surfaces are special treated to resist most chemicals and constructed for an easy clean to prolong durability and lifetime of the product.

Research Series

Industrial Series

Courses & Training

In co-operation with University of Washington’s Clean Energy Institute, FOM Technologies provide slot-die coating training and courses on a regular basis. Feel free to contact us at:  to learn more.


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