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Insights blog

Insights blog
We consider it our responsibility to follow and share the cutting-edge research and insights that are driving us, our partners, and our industry forward. The Blog is our platform to share this content with the world. Through this blog, we invite you to browse our assortment of technology guides, industry news articles, product overviews, and research insights to learn about what we are doing to accelerate global innovation in functional thin film coatings and devices.

Application themes

Our technical working areas span a broad range of applications from novel photovoltaic devices to next-gen batteries, fuel cell technologies, medical diagnostics, printed electronics and more. Our application theme pages are here to help new and interested readers learn about how slot-die can be applied in their area to begin developing and scaling their work with high quality slot-die tools.

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FOM Technologies exists at the interface of innovation in mechanical, chemical, and materials engineering to bring exciting new compounds, processes, and products to life via our scalable slot-die coating platform. On our Technology page you will find a brief overview of slot-die coating history, technical basics, and key application areas. We hope you will find this a helpful introduction to the extensive field of slot-die based manufacturing and process development.


As a R&D-based spin-out from the Technical University of Denmark, we take tremendous pride in the top-tier customer/partner relationships we have built, and the research we have enabled since our founding in 2012. They are the standard we hold ourselves to and work to exceed every day at FOM Technologies. To show this, on our References page we have summarized our key partners and clients, testimonials from previous customers, organized a library of academic publications achieved via FOM Technologies products for interested readers.

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Get to know slot-die coating

In this brochure, you will get an introduction to slot-die coating, learn about film thickness control and film quality control, and find some of the R&D benefits of slot-die coating. Download our Technology brochure (PDF) by filling in the form below.
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