Entry level | FOM nanoRC


    • Revolutionary portable Slot Die coating machine.
    • Price efficient.
    • High quality industrial components.
    • Build-in drying system.
    • Maintenance/service free.
    • Super cost-efficient research.
    • Portable, compact in size and easy to move around.

Easy to use

The FOM nanoRC is a lightweight, cost efficient, easy to use, precision instrument for testing Slot Die coating of solution-processible material onto flexible substrates.

Replacing spin coating

Based on many years of research in functional organic materials, including feedback from our clients worldwide, the FOM nanoRC has been designed to mimic the coating process of large scale roll-to-roll machines. The FOM nanoRC enables our clients to produce hundreds of highly complex samples in matter of hours that can be reproduced at larger scales while using only a fraction of the material required for the same output produced by a spin coater.

Cost efficient

It provides reliable direct proof of scalability of any coatings conducted but without the high material consumption and associated costs or upstart time, making the FOM nanoRC a much more cost efficient and reliable tool than current alternatives.

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