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  • Multiple options are available to adapt the system to the need of the customer:

  • Slot Die distance position sensor

  • HD video camera for monitoring of coating

  • Drying options (IR, UV, hot air, Nitrogen flush air knife)

  • Large vacuum chuck area from A4 and up.

  • Slot Die is standard made from stainless steel. Other materials and alloys available (glass,Tungsten, titanium)

  • Slot Die of metals can be coated with corrosion resistant material Tantaline

  • Heated Slot Dies range from ambient to 80 degree C

  • Temperature controlled syringe pump

  • Additional print steps Inkjet, Micro gravure, Blade/bar/comma coater



Comprehensive user interface allow experimental freedom in formulation of coating recipes. Integration of primary coating elements allows for high reproducibility between each coating run and high comparability between coated devices as well as optimal production batch quality. The Slot Die bridge is build with attention to precision mounting and easy positioning of Slot Die head over substrate mounts on a rigid and vibration damping base. The vacuum chuck travels on a precision rail system and in combination with the attention to detail this system provides a versatile and robust tool for upscaling.


The system comes with a choice of manual or automatic positioning of the Slot Die and manual or the motorized programed height and side shift adjustment with resolution of 1µm. Coating speed between 0.05 to 5.0 m/min (step-less). Parallelism setting and Slot Die lip straightness <1% provides precise material deposition. Cross and along web positioning to <100µm. Slot Die height (the coating gap) allow repeatable mounting providing repeatable batch processing from day to day. Drying – Metapor ™ Vacuum chuck with a size range of A4 and up. Flatness from better than 20µm. Heating to 150°C, uniform across surface to <1°C.

Easy to repetition and user recipes

The system facilitates easy execution of repeated precision coatings in a controllable, easily predictable manor, giving the researcher an insight into the variables of the coating process.

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