Intermediate level | FOM arcRC


  • Multiple device processing
  • Easy material film forming testing
  • Material roll-to-roll compatibility screening
  • Hands-on research experience
  • Process development tool for solution-processable materials
  • Minimal material consumption
  • Easy alignment of multiple subsequent layers
  • The slot-die head is simple to assemble, disassemble, and clean


Compact lab-scale slot-die coating system

Originally designed for OPV and LEC research, the FOM arcRC is ideal for researchers who wish to work with flexible substrates or scale-up from spin coating.

Solution processing

The FOM arcRC allows testing the solution processing of materials with respect to the production of multiple devices, film-forming, and roll-to-toll compatibility. It provides hands-on research coating. Currently, the FOM arcRC is used for perovskite PV, OPV, OLEDs, thin-film sensors, and functional material technologies in general where solution processing is applicable.

Low materials consumption – Easy operation

The FOM arcRC design and small slot-die head volume facilitate much lower materials consumption compared to larger systems. It is the ideal starting point for device processing development. Due to its ability to process numerous devices, the FOM arcRC enables the testing of material film-forming properties or device architecture printability in a fraction of the time compared to spin coating.

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