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Our technical working areas span a broad range of applications from novel photovoltaic devices to next-gen batteries, fuel cell technologies, medical diagnostics, printed electronics and more. Our application theme pages are here to help new and interested readers learn about how slot-die can be applied in their area to begin developing and scaling their work with high quality slot-die tools.


Solar panel

The future of PV technology

Flexible and printed thin film solar devices are next-gen PV technologies that are poised surpass the limits of conventional silicon. Through creative use of novel materials and manufacturing processes, flexible and printed thin film solar devices offer the potential for ultra-low-cost manufacturing via established printing and coating techniques, as well as new performance benefits that cannot be matched by conventional Si-based PV.

Manufacturing next-gen batteries

Today, we are surrounded by a wide variety of advanced battery chemistries and architectures, including nickel-based, lead acid-based, and lithium-based devices. While all these batteries play an important role in modern life, Li-based devices are considered the most well-known and fastest-growing battery technology. While the exact composition of our green energy infrastructure remains to be determined, batteries are certain to play a role in the future of energy conversion and storage.





Power-to-X in brief

Power-to-X (also known as PtX or P2X) is a collective term for energy conversion technologies that turn electricity from wind, water, or solar into an energy carrier (“X”). It is an umbrella term for different ways of generating energy, including Power-to-Gas, Power-to-Liquid, Power-to-Fuel, Power-to-Chemicals, and Power-to-Mobility. Power-to-X schemes are particularly useful in energy systems with high shares of renewable generation and/or fluctuating renewable sources.


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