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Intermediate-level | FOM vectorSC

The FOM vectorSC has been designed from the ground up to allow for easy control over coating on both rigid and flexible substrates. By integrating industry-grade components and user-friendly recipe features, the FOM vectorSC provides a seamless, accelerated user workflow and excellent control for coating a wide variety of active materials. It is an ideal solution for users aiming to bridge the gap between fundamental research and pilot-scale production, with an emphasis on versatility and compatibility for a wide variety of substrates and coatings.

  • Microporous vacuum chuck with enabled uniform heating
  • Motorized, high-precision chuck motion system (10 µm steps)
  • Infinite-step height and lateral position manual dial for accelerated user workflow
  • Quick control buttons panel for manual operation
  • Substrates up to 300×200 mm (A4)
  • Coating stripe widths from 1 to 200 mm, stripe lengths up to 300 mm
  • Coating speeds from 0.01 m/min to 5 m/min
  • Precise control of all coating parameters – pump rate, coating speed, coating gap, and drying temprature
  • Seamless glovebox integration option

Robust slot-die sheet coating system

The system is designed for the fast-and-easy coating of functional materials in laboratories aiming for multi-user high throughput research on topics such as organic and perovskite electronics, sensors and energy storage. Similar to the scalarSC tool the vector is a compact setup that can be easily installed inside a laminar flow hood or a glovebox. The vectorSC incorporates a proprietary design for excellent substrate flatness due to the microporous structure of the substrate holder. Additionally, we integrated the pump into the tool with enabled cloud-based software allowing for remote operation and diagnostics.

Step up from spin coating

Whether you are doing fundamental research or developing a new process for your product, the FOM vector is the perfect next step from spin coating toward medium-scale, industry-relevant processing where rigid and/or flexible substrates are required. The incorporation of a microporous substrate holder will provide homogeneous suction avoiding extra steps that are typically done to fixate the sample into the substrate. Together with the software integrated pump, the FOM vector will allow for high throughput, and accelerated workflow.

Simple handling and alignment

Both flexible and rigid substrates of up to 300×200 mm in size can be freely positioned on the high-flatness aluminium-made sample holder. The Infinite-step height and lateral position manual dial will allow for systematic, quick-reaction experimental runs and systematic studies where the operator has full control at all times.

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FOM Technologies coating equipment supports cutting-edge research into 3rd generation solar cells, OLED and electrochromic devices, fuel cells, batteries, sensors, membranes, printed electronics, medical diagnostics, conductive thin films, and more.

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