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Workshops & Training

FOM Technologies is partnering with leading institutions worldwide to provide access to unrivaled training facilities and instruction. Our slot-die coating workshops provide new users with the opportunity to jump-start their knowledge with a hands-on introduction to all aspects of precise, continuous, and scalable thin-film production via slot-die coating. Experienced users will also benefit from a chance to sharpen their skills, fill knowledge gaps and discuss their most pressing challenges with world-leading instructors during these extensive training sessions.

“Two days at a FOM Technologies workshop clearly demonstrated the value of slot die coating in rapid iteration and upscaling of solution processed thin film devices. The WCET facilities were excellent, the program was flexible and the guidance I received was spot-on. It significantly accelerated and substantiated my understanding of the slot die coating process.

I left the workshop with tangible benefits for our process and a better understanding of how to move forward in our large-area coating and testing.”

Dr. Armin Fischer

COO & Lead Chemist, QD Solar Inc. [CA]

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Workshop Benefits


  • Training in tools and methods for next generation
    energy devices and printed electronics
  • Exploration of advanced materials and suppliers
  • Ink formulation and optimization (viscosity, surface
    tension, contact angle, and particle size)
  • Film characterization (thickness, absorptivity,
    conductivity and defects)
  • Functional device coating and testing
  • Q&A access to expert instructors

Key features

  • World-class staff and facilities
  • Insights into scalable production of OPV, Perovskite PV, OLED, batteries, sensors, and more
  • 2-day guided workshops
  • Hands-on device production, characterization, and process optimization
  • Full access to supplementary video lectures

Location Information

WCET, University of Washington
HZB, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin
SDU, University of Southern Denmark
Seattle, USA
Berlin, Germany
Sønderborg, Denmark
1-2 days
1-2 days
1-2 days
Max. Attendees

Demo & Testing Services

We offer a wide variety of tool demonstrations and testing services. If you would ike to see our products in action or test your process on our slot-die hardware, please get in touch at training@fomtechnologies.com.