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Our technical working areas span a broad range of applications from novel photovoltaic devices to next-gen batteries, fuel cell technologies, medical diagnostics, printed electronics and more. Our insights blog helps new and interested readers learn about how slot-die can be applied in their area to begin developing and scaling their work with high quality slot-die tools.

Innovation in hydrogen technologies

Innovation in established hydrogen technologies is dominated by the European chemical industry, also leading the development of electrolysis and fuel cells technology.

FOM Talks: QD Solar Inc.

We met up with QD Solar Inc. to talk about their latest record-breaking result, their use of FOM equipment, and the potential of slot-die coating in cutting-edge green technology in general. “QD Solar has been working towards slot-die coated large-area photovoltaics since 2021. Around February this year, the QD Solar team managed to reach 23.2% PCE for slot-die coated solar cells and 24% PCE for spin-coated”, says Dr. Sjoerd Hoogland, co-founder and CTO of QD Solar.

Battery development

Today, we are surrounded by a wide variety of advanced battery chemistries and architectures, including nickel-based, lead acid-based, and lithium-based devices. While all these batteries play an important role in modern life, Li-based devices are considered the most well-known and fastest-growing battery technology.

Batteries and grass

Energy storage technologies: Supercapacitors

A type of energy storage system that has garnered the attention of a growing number of industry professionals in recent years is known as a supercapacitor. These devices are also referred to as ultracapacitors, double-layer capacitors, or electrochemical capacitors. In layman’s terms, you can think of them as a combination of a regular capacitor and a battery; however, they are not the same.


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