The Hempel Foundation funded CoaST centre at DTU Chemical Engineering, awards FOM Technologies a contract for Slot Die coating equipment

The Hempel Foundation funded Coatings Science and Technology Centre (CoaST) at DTU Chemical Engineering in Kgs. Lyngby, awards FOM Technologies a contract for the purchase of Slot-die coating equipment. The sale represents the second Danish customer.

FOM Technologies has the pleasure of announcing the award for Slot-die coating equipment by DTU Kemiteknik and the Hempel Foundation funded Coatings Science and Technology Centre (CoaST) in Kgs. Lyngby – Denmark.

At FOM Technologies, we look very much forward to the new collaboration and the opportunity to make our technology available to the industrial users of the CoaST centre, as well as the researchers at DTU Chemical Engineering. The sale to CoaST represents the second sale to a Danish customer.

About the CoaST centre:

The Coast centre covers coating technologies along the entire value chain from raw materials, over formulation, test and characterization to production and application. In the broad perspective, the centre supports development, production and use of coatings with improved sustainability profiles over the lifetime of the coating. CoaST is dedicated to the following aim:

  • To provide in depth knowledge of current coatings challenges
  • To develop mathematical tools that quantify coating behaviour
  • To design experimental equipment for accelerated testing of coatings
  • To design novel coatings to establish laboratory facilities for both formulation and versatile testing of coatings.