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Danish innovation is entering the Big League

As the only non-US company Danish FOM Technologies has been selected for a US state funded science consortium of Fortune 500 companies and universities.

As the only foreign company FOM Technologies has been selected to enter a bespoke and high-profiled US science consortium totaling 5 major US industrials, 11 leading universities and 4 national US entities, receiving a total of 25 million US dollars of funding for a major strategic information technology science push into the future.

In a historic milestone for Danish innovation, the Danish technology-company FOM Technologies has now been chosen as a long-term partner by the US state funded IMOD-cluster consisting of some of the largest companies and scientific institutions in the world. FOM Technologies slot die coating solution is going to help open a new scientific frontier in the field of Quantum Mechanics and broaden and internationalize the important STEM-field pipeline.

CEO in FOM Technologies Michael Stadi is now the leader of the only non-US company in the cluster consisting of giant companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Applied Materials. He is immensely proud of his team of only 12 employees who have been working tirelessly to implement the unique slot die coating technology around the world. After a long and extraordinarily thorough due diligence period, Danish FOM Technologies now has the focus of the largest scientific and commercial organisations on the planet.

CEO Michael Stadi states: “The IMOD-consortium consists of some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies, including leading universities and research institutions in the US. Our participation in this high profiled science cluster, is an approval of our technology and our relentless strive to provide Danish state-of the-art equipment to enable material research of the future. The team and I are both immensely proud and humble, making this one of the most important milestones in FOM’s history. You can say that the Danish technology scene today, is truly punching above its weight. It doesn’t really get any bigger than this”. 

Every 4-5 years the US federal agency NSF (National Science Foundation) awards grants up to 6 consortiums to establish Research Centre’s crucial for major strategic infrastructure and information technology projects in the US.

Today NSF has awarded a five year, $ 25 mio. funding for a consortium of universities and companies for the founding of: Center for Integration of Modern Optoelectronic Materials on Demand (IMOD). IMOD will establish U.S. scientific leadership in a cluster of potentially disruptive key technologies, while educating the next generation of interdisciplinary scientists and engineers, broadening participation in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) pipeline, and accelerating knowledge transfer across traditional boundaries.

IMOD is intended to transform conventional and quantum optoelectronics through the development of atomically precise semiconductor materials and additive manufacturing processes. IMOD will advance application fields, ranging from quantum dot, LED’s and radiation detectors, to new quantum light sources and quantum sensors.

Entering the prestigious IMOD-consortium will allow FOM technologies to effectively deliver Danish key solutions to speed up research processes.

FOM Technologies confirms that the company maintains its financial guidance for 2021 and will revise that accordingly if the outlook changes.


The IMOD Industry, Academic and Government consortium partners are:

Partial list of industry partners: 

  • Amazon (US) – Ranked #2 at Fortune 500
  • Microsoft (US) – Ranked #15 at Fortune 500
  • Applied Materials (US) – Ranked #176 at Fortune 500
  • Corning Inc. (US) – Ranked #277 at Fortune 500
  • Nanosys (US)
  • FOM technologies (DK) – SME

Academic partners:

  • University of Washington (US) – LEAD
  • Lehigh University (US)
  • University of Pennsylvania (US)
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (US)
  • University of Chicago (US)
  • Northwestern University (US)
  • City University of New York (US)
  • University of Maryland, Collage Park (US)
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County (US)
  • University of Colorado Boulder (US)
  • Columbia University (US)

Government partners:

  • NREL (US)
  • Washington State Department of Commerce (US)
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (US)
  • Northwest Quantum Nexus (US)