FOM Technologies has announced M.Braun Inertgas-Systeme GmbH to be the exclusive distributor for the portfolio of slot-die coaters. The territories in which MBRAUN will promote, sell and service the FOM supplied systems are Germany, Austria, Switzerland for the European region, USA, Canada and Brazil in the Americas and South Korea in the Asian region. Both parties agreed to cooperate in all other territories based on a preferred partnership agreement.

MBRAUN has a 45 year expertise in supplying inertgas technology and 15 years in providing vacuum coating equipment along with a range of in-house built process technologies ranging from layer curing, surface cleaning up to dedicated material handling solutions. It is headquartered close to Munich and offers next to manufacturing and engineering capabilities in Germany, USA and China excellent sales and service offices in the mentioned territories.

“It is our goal to offer our clients the latest trends in coating technologies – especially in the emerging applications of Perovskites and thinfilm batteries in which we have been very successful the recent years. Being the distributor for FOM does not only complete our product portfolio but also allows us to enter and participate in new markets and upcoming technology trends . Our clients will benefit from FOM’s outstanding performance in slot-die-coating technology supported by the sales and service network we bring into the partnership”, Patrick Bieger, CEO of MBRAUN states.

Both companies believe to grow due to this partnership and offer excellent service to the common client base.

FOM Technologies
FOM Technologies is one of the leading, most-innovative companies for slot-die-coating technology focusing primarily on research and pilot scale applications. Founded in 2012, being stock-listed on the NASDAQ in 2020 and having a continuous success story in working with high-profile research institutes throughout the world, FOM supplies standard tailored solutions for high-tech applications requiring highly uniform layers deposited on either rigid or flexible matrices. Being headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, FOM serves the international, growing client base through a exclusive distributor network focusing on the European, Asian and North American market arena.

M.Braun Inertgas-Systeme GmbH
Having been founded in 1976 as a manufacturer of inertgas glovebox systems, MBRAUN has been expanding its operations into thermal treatment solutions, vacuum coating, operator safety, automated material handling and offers a wide portfolio from standard to entirely bespoke system solutions. With an installed base of > 25.000 systems MBRAUN is currently represented in more than 40 countries and relies on the expertise of more than 350 employees working on 4 manufacturing and engineering locations across Europe, North America and Asia.