Leading German Research Institute awards FOM Technologies and our strategic partner MBraun a contract for R/D equipment.

Investor news announcement no. 5 – 2021
Copenhagen, the 16th of June 2021

FOM Technologies and MBraun Inertgas-Systeme GmbH in Germany, has successfully closed an order for one of the leading German research institutes. For the research institute, the order is a part of a bigger investment related to battery research. The Institute would like to remain anonymous, until the whole investment can be revealed.  

Together with our new strategic partner MBraun Inertgas-Systeme GmbH, FOM Technologies was successfully in receiving an order from one of the leading German research institutes. The research project is aiming to developing next-generation batteries targeting the rapidly growing demand in electro-mobility application. In order to achieve the research goals, the university will invest several million Euros into an integrated equipment cluster. Within this cluster FOM Technologies will supply Slot-Die coating equipment, allowing to apply ultra-thin functional layers onto various carrier materials and investigate their properties relationship.

This investor news announcement will not change the 2021 financial guidance for turnover and EBITDA.