FOM Technologies’ 51% owned subsidiary MLMC Therapeutics has been granted its first process patent using Slot-die coating, thereby paving the future way for FOM Technologies to provide equipment for the development of new ground-breaking manufacturing of medicine. The subsidiary has been granted a patent method for manufacturing of multilayered microstructures, that could be used for instance for the development and optimized manufacturing of future medicine.

CEO of FOM Technologies Michael Stadi explains: “As FOM Technologies core business is not to develop medicine, a separate subsidiary has been established for this purpose, and at the same time bringing external senior pharmaceutical experts into the owner structure of the subsidiary. A separate legal entity (MLMC Therapeutics ApS), provide us with an opportunity to keep focus on Slot-die coating in the parent company (FOM Technologies A/S), while we have created a structure for future development of pharmaceutical manufacturing methods in the subsidiary.

By nature, we try to be conservative and realistic in relation to future commercial projections, but this could potentially be interesting for pharmaceutical companies. We will now spend the next approx. 6 months to finetune the “proof of concept”, before we start initial talks with major pharmaceuticals to discuss a potential co-operation to develop and scale-up manufacturing of selected types of medicine using this manufacturing process”.

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