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Best H1 revenue result for FOM Technologies historically, with total revenue tripled to around DKK 10 mio. and a strong pipeline going forward. Current annual guidance retained and expected to be in the “high end” of the range.

Company announcement no. 25 – 2021
Copenhagen, the 30th of August 2021

FINANCIAL REPORT H1 2021 [January 1st – June 30th, 2021]
The report has not been audited.

• Total revenue for H1 2021 at DKK 9.597 Thousand (+198 % from DKK 3.221 Thousand in H1 2020).
• Fixed cost for H1 2021 at DKK 5.790 Thousand (+86 % from DKK 3.112 Thousand in H1 2020).
• Innovation and R/D spending for H1 2021 at DKK 605 Thousand (+51% from DKK 402 Thousand in H1 2020).
• EBITDA for H1 2021 at DKK -1.189 Thousand (DKK -1.638 Thousand in H1 2020).
• Sales and earnings are following the 2021 annual guidance/budget.
• Pipeline looks promising for the rest of 2021 and into the next financial year.
• Annual guidance retained and expected to be in the “high end” of the range.

After a challenging 2020 due to COVID-19, the business case and the commercial journey described in the IPO memorandum is starting to materialize. FOM Technologies triple the total revenue in H1 2021, compared to H1 2020 and have succeeded in maintaining previous profit margins at >50%. The company expects that H2 2021 will follow the same trend and same performance as in H1 2021.

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