FOM Technologies in strong growth and raise guidance for revenue and EBITDA. The goal is to triple last year’s revenue.

Strong global demand for FOM Technologies’ research equipment and high-end technology is causing the company to raise its guidance for both revenue and EBITDA. The ambition is now to triple last year’s turnover of approx. 7 mio. DKK. 

Strong global interest from academic customers and in particular corporate customers means that FOM Technologies now raise its guidance for revenue from previously DKK 16 – 20 million. to DKK 18 – 21 million, while guidance for EBITDA is raised from DKK -2 to 0 million, to DKK -1 to 1 million.

CEO Michael Stadi states: “We have assembled a world-class team with 8 different nationalities as well as one of the strongest boards in a small Danish SME. Together we propel the FOM speedboat forward, and together we are now striving to reach the top of our new guidance interval, which will mean a 3-fold increase in last year’s revenue.  In conclusion, our future pipeline looks promising, and several exciting customer leads have indicated their interest recently. We are now starting a dialogue with them during the last months of the year.”

Revenue: Interval range from DKK 18 mio. to DKK 21 mio.
EBITDA: Interval range from DKK -1 mio. to 1 mio.

The updated guidance is insider information and are based on preliminary and unaudited financial figures for 2021. The final annual report for 2021 is expected to be published on the 24th of February 2022.