After 6 months of lab research, the SuPerTandem project team met during a progress meeting in Wroclaw, Poland, to consult progress steps, and share insights and results that will bring us closer to the novel perovskite photovoltaic tandem technology.

In October 2022, FOM Technologies obtained a grant in the 3-year European consortium, SuPerTandem.

March 1-2, 2023, the professional team which consists of top-notch researchers, research institutions, and industrial players, met at SAULE Technologies in Wroclaw, Poland, to share the latest results and to unite on progress steps towards higher efficiency, stability, and circularity, and scaling the photovoltaic (PV) technology to an industrial-relevant level. Participating on behalf of FOM Technologies was César Omar Ramírez Quiroz, Ph.D., our in-house perovskite and tandem technology expert.

The SuPerTandem project team is working on a breakthrough perovskite PV tandem technology with the aim to offer the solar energy market a perovskite solar panel that is affordable for only 20 EUR per square meter, made of low-cost, widely available raw materials, and manufactured by low-carbon footprint production process.

During the runtime of the project, FOM contributes to the specifications for a roll-to-roll production line for flexible all-perovskite tandem modules, the development of large-area processing of functional layers, and the blueprint design for the sustainable perovskite-based PV fabrication. At the end of this project, FOM will have a good definition of the concepts required to make a production like slot-die coating equipment for in-line production of tandem perovskites PV. One of the most significant benefits for the customer will be a shorter time to market for the solar PV modules.

Read more about the project here.

Project partners:
  • TNO – Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research
  • HZB Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin
  • Fraunhofer ISE
  • SAULE Technologies
  • Saule Research Institute
  • TuE – Eindhoven University of Technology
  • CEA – Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission
  • 3D Micromac
  • FOM Technologies
  • SALD – Spatial Ald Innovators
  • Tecnalia
  • Amires
  • EMPA
  • Flisom
  • Fluxim

The SuPerTandem project: The project has received funding from the EU research and innovation funding program Horizon Europe, under Grant Agreement nr. 101075605 and SERI under contract number 22.00376.