India’s leading universities choose FOM Technologies and open the door to giant market.

FOM Technologies has now launched a commercial focus on India and begins by adding two of India’s most prestigious universities to the customer list. This involves the sale of Slot-die coating equipment and machinery to IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) in Madras and to IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) in Mumbai.

FOM Technologies is proud to announce the sale of research equipment to India’s foremost material researchers and hopes to unleash a long-term commercial potential in India.
Michael Stadi, CEO of FOM Technologies, says: “All Danish export-based companies know that India is a large but very complex market to succeed in. Thus, we have spent a long time on thorough analysis and preparation for a commercial entry into India. An analysis and preparation carried out in close collaboration with Nordin and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ export resources. We naturally hope that India can develop as favourably as the other three main markets – North America, Europe and China in which we operate.”

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