Slot die coating leads breakthrough in red OLED research. Red LEDs play a variety of key roles in the modern world, including domestic lighting, industrial signage, and boosting horticultural output. Large-area monochromatic OLEDs are currently researched as an alternative to conventional LED solutions due to the low cost and ease of production that is afforded by their roll-to-roll and solution processing compatibility. However, the efficiency and purity of red solution processed OLEDs remains behind that of other colors such as blue, green and orange.

In a recent article in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C, a team of researchers at the University of Calgary demonstrated outstanding performance and efficiency of red OLEDs based on an N-annulated perylene diimide (PDI) dimer as the emitting material. These materials are metal-free, cheaper, and more stable than typical red OLED active materials. The best devices were achieved by slot die coating when compared with spin-coated alternatives. A FOM Technologies nanoRC was used to achieve these results.

Congratulations to Dr. Gregory Welch and his team on this exciting research!

Original publication:
Dayneko, S., rahmati, mohammad, Pahlevani, M., & Welch, G. C. (2020). Solution Processed Red Organic Light-Emitting-Diodes using an N-Annulated Perylene Diimide Fluorophore.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C.
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