FOM Technologies gets it’s first national customer as we will provide SDU (Syddansk University) with Slot Die equipment. The equipment will be used for R/D of future solar power technology. The SDU contract marks a milestone for the company, as this is our first Danish customer and thereby an era of being a “true born global company” has ended.

For CEO Michael Stadi, the team is thrilled about the new customer. “We have been joking about this for years and wondered when we got our first national customer, and who the customer would be. The contract is a seal of approval of our long-term effort to provide high technology equipment to enable clean energy material research. As with all our customers, we’ll make sure that the science team of SDU will get all our support and insight into our technology to create a long-term relationship.”

The equipment will be delivered to SDU Nano SYD – at the Mads Clausen Institute in Sønderborg managed by Associate Professor Morten Madsen this month. The delivery is FOM Technologies most advanced flagship machine.