US-based university Georgia Tech places largest order to date for next year delivery, creating a sound foundation for the estimated 2023 turnover

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) based in Atlanta – US, places the largest order to date for next year delivery. The slot-die system is a pilot-scale manufacturing R2R production unit for battery research.

FOM Technologies is pleased to announce the receipt of a large system order from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta USA. The slot-die system will be dedicated to battery research at Georgia Tech’s newly established Pilot-Scale Manufacturing Facility for Strategic Energy Research. The research center is expected to open in 2023

  1. It is the first time FOM Technologies has sold a machine at this value.
  2. This order marks FOM Technologies’ entry into the most complicated pilot R2R scale production segment.

The order is a little less than twice the size of our current largest order, but for commercial reasons the parties do not want to disclose actual numbers for the order. The order will not change the 2022 financial guidance for turnover and EBITDA, but it means that FOM will start to issue financial guidance for 2023.

CEO Michael Stadi states: “It’s a genuine milestone achievement for FOM Technologies, and we are naturally super proud to be part of this multi-million-dollar research center project. Our system will be the centerpiece of the research facility, so we have great expectations for this new collaboration with Georgia Tech. As the delivery is scheduled for next year, it does not impact our revenue for 2022 – but it is laying a solid foundation for our 2023 pipeline and growth plans going forward.”