FOM photonR2R

In-situ material characterization for synchrotron beamlines

Autonomous, versatile, and cost-efficient

In-situ material characterization using the photonR2R allows you to enhance your understanding of your thin film research when working in a synchrotron beamline.

With its small footprint and autonomous operation, the photonR2R slot die-coater can be placed directly inside the beamline. Using automatic features such as automatic ink-switching and a self-cleaning slot-die head, you can collect more data within the time available and monitor material transitions as they occur.

Its versatility allows for both roll-to-roll and sheet-based coating, and the ability to program and control your coating autonomously enables you to collect more data faster.


  • SW controlled wet film thickness

  • Remote controlled via PC or tablet

  • Automatic coating and switching of inks/slurries

  • Self-cleaning slot-die system

  • Upload and saving of recipes

      Remote and self-cleaning
      Sheet-to-sheet and Roll-to-roll


      • Sheet-to-sheet and roll-to-roll for monitoring coating and annealing phases (wet, wet to dry or dry)

      • Interchangeable microporous substrate holder

      • Small footprint

      • Easy to move around


        • Programmable software and remote operation allows for optimizing data collection

        • Autonomous control, automatic switching of inks and self-cleaning slot-die head increases “up-time”

        • Small foot-print and easy change of configuration from roll-coating to sheet coating reduces set-up time and allows you to do more with the same machine

        Inks and data

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