Industrial level | FOM pontemSC


    • Precision sheet coating machine made from high precision, certified industrial components
    • Granite base for rigidity and vibration damping
    • Vacuum chuck flatness better than 5 µm with sheet feeding system
    • Custom width slot-die coating heads up to 650 mm width
    • Motorized, programmable height gap adjustment with a resolution of 1 µm
    • Motorized, programmable coating offset adjustment with a resolution of 1 µm
    • Motorized vacuum chuck movement with linear servo and drive amplifier
    • Synchronised material syringe pump – (Option: multiple syringe pumps may be controlled simultaneously)

High precision automated S2S coating system

The FOM pontemSC provides an automated slot-die sheet coating system for high-end applications requiring high precision control of coating in repeated sheetfed steps.

Fully integrated system control

The FOM pontemSC comes with a fully integrated system control of the slot-die head, pumps, and substrate stage movement. XY-stages allow for precise slot-die head and substrate positioning, while the Z-stage is optimized for ultra-smooth coating motion. An inline sheet feeding system allows for multiple consecutive coatings.

Easy repetition and use of recipes

The system facilitates the easy execution of repeated precision coatings in a controllable, easily predictable manner, giving a high yield in each production run.

FOM industrial S2S coating capabilities

The FOM Industrial S2S coater is a high-end sheet coater for precision slot-die coating. It services the demand for industrial-grade repeatability and accuracy through a fully-automated slot-die sheet coating system with an automated sheet feeding system, controlled drying, and recipe control software that sensures high precision control of coating and exact repeatability between devices. Simply execute and repeat for multiple layers or samples again and again. Designed for rigid substrates of areas of up to 1m x 650mm coater area the FOM pontemSC can handle most pilot-scale large area printed electronics ambitions with its high precision automated coating system.

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Want to learn how slot-die coating can help you get consistent and scalable research results?

FOM Technologies coating equipment supports cutting-edge research into 3rd generation solar cells, OLED and electrochromic devices, fuel cells, batteries, sensors, membranes, printed electronics, medical diagnostics, conductive thin films, and more.

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