FOM Technologies is proud to announce the launch of the new photonR2R, a groundbreaking slot die-coater designed to revolutionize in-situ material characterization for synchrotron beamlines.

The photonR2R empowers researchers to enhance their understanding of thin films and collect more data efficiently within the limited time available in a synchrotron beamline environment. Its small footprint and autonomous operation enable placement directly inside the beamline, while automatic features such as ink-switching and self-cleaning ensure seamless operation.


Versatility: Capable of both roll-to-roll and sheet-based coating for monitoring coating and annealing phases.

Autonomy: Software-controlled wet film thickness, remote control via PC or tablet, automatic coating and switching of inks/slurries, and a self-cleaning slot-die system.

Cost Efficiency: Remote configuration changes, increased data collection within the allocated time, and enhanced material characterization with the ability to collect time evolution data.

“The photonR2R slot-die coater has been designed especially for the needs of synchrotron users. The machine has an extremely low profile and compact dimensions, and this means that the machine can be easily installed in most beamlines. Also, photonR2R is fully remote controlled, so the scientist can sit in the control room and perform the experiments while the machine is in the synchrotron room,” said Matteo Ciambezi, Ph.D., R/D Scientist at FOM Technologies.

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